Bronze Edition ”Mungo Mummy” | Collaboration with AllRightsReserved | Hong Kong

Mungo Mummy – Bronze Edition


Stefan Rinck’s sculpture “Mungo Mummy” features an ichneumon, also known as the mongoose, transformed into a hybrid creature that is wrapped in traditional Egyptian-style bandages. The sculpture is an exploration of death, transformation, and the mysterious iconography of ancient civilizations.

The ichneumon is a small carnivorous mammal that was revered in ancient Egyptian culture for its ability to kill snakes and other pests that threatened crops and homes. The ichneumon was also associated with the goddess Wadjet, who was often depicted as a cobra or a woman with a cobra’s head. As such, the ichneumon was seen as a symbol of protection and was often included in religious and ceremonial contexts.

Mungo Mummy, 2023
Edition of 18 + 2 AP’s
Dimensions: H390 x W209 x D126 mm

Credit: DDT Store