The Naked Truth | Sorry We’re Closed | Art Brussels 2013

18 April – 21 April 2013

Joshua Abelow, Stephan Balkenhol, Bernard Buffet, Gerald Davis, John De Andrea, Hans Peter Feldmann, Barry Flanagan, Kendell Geers, Falk Gernegross, Pierre Klossowski, Sean Landers, Robert Mapplethorpe, Stefan Rinck, Spencer Tunick, Joel-Peter Witkin

Since prehistoric times, the representation of the nude body has been a major theme in art.

The male or female nude does not seek the strict representation of the subject, but rather the understanding of human morphology or the creation of archetypes in line with the aesthetic and moral requirements of each period, through painting, sculpture, photography, video or performance.

The exhibition The Naked Truth aims to focus on the concept of “the pose” in the art of the nude, to reveal the persistence of the classical pose in contemporary art through its modernization, its diversion, its homages, appropriation or denigration.

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