Pleased to meet you #9, 2021

Text by Daniel S. Palmer, interview between Jeanne Brun and Stefan Rinck and conversation between Jeremy Strick and Stefan Rinck

What could be more fitting than to present a sculptor of stone as a rock star, in keeping with the vocation of our luxury fanzine? Stefan Rinck gives birth to creatures that surge forth from the past or have escaped from the future, frightfully endearing and deliciously diabolical. All the oxymorons in literature would not suffice to describe the hybridity of Rinck’s characters, upright or on all fours, clad in hair or scales. Firmly anchored to the ground, these cute and playful sculptures seem as light as air despite their weight in stone. Reflecting their creator, massive as a mountain, yet soft as the morning dew. In the realm of stone, Rinck rocks! “Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name: Stefan Rinck.”

Published by Semiose éditions, 80 pages, fr/eng stitched, softcover, 11.81 x 9.06 inch (30 x 23 cm).

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Stones. Gods. Humans. Animals.

Photographs by Ute Rinck, text by Monika Rinck

Impressions of Stefan Rinck’s studio life and daily practice during the past 10 years.

Designed and published by This Side Up. Released by Galeria Alegria (Barcelona), Sorry We’re Closed (Brussels) and Semiose (Paris).

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Catalogue Stefan Rinck

Text by Bazon Brock / Published by Lubok Leipzig

The sandstone sculptures by sculptor Stefan Rinck are reminiscent of figures from a mediaeval bestiary or of the gargoyles on cathedral roofs and towers that served to chase away evil spirits and demons. Rinck, who also studied German literature, art history and philosophy, finds his sources of inspiration in various epochs of art, in mythology and in the worlds of make-believe, humorously and imaginatively combining them with contemporary, comic-like imagery.

Catalogue with 27 colour and 64 duplex illustrations in offset print, designed by Andrej Loll, with a text by Bazon Brock (german/​ english). Clothbound Hardcover, 120 pages, 23×32,5 cm, edition of 500. Released 05/2016. ISBN 978-3-945111-25-3.

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100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

by Kurt Beers / Published by Thames & Hudson

The 288-page hardback includes high-quality reproductions of each artist’s work, short texts including biographical information, quotations from the artists themselves plus a further listing of artists to watch, recommended reading, and individual juror picks.

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