June 23, 2017 | Fresh meat in the shark pool | Summer Pool Exhibition | Mallorca

We’re pleased to announce the forthcoming solo show of Stefan Rinck. It will take place in a beautiful pool in Mallorca on the 23th of June.

Fresh meat in the shark pool.

Well, the title refers to Petra, a shop owner from Port Andratx. Fresh Meat is how she is considering me and shark pool is her metapher for Mallorca.

Tempted by the beauty of the pool of Guillermo Rubi we will bring a whole body of work to his fantastic house in the middle of nowhere. The focus will be his beautiful pool which he designed himself. It is 3m depth at the deepest and has an outstanding stairway.

Some of the sculptures will be displayed inside the water that they could only be discovered while swimming and diving. The visitor is asked to bring their swimming suits, their goggles and if they have their waterproof cameras.

In the invitation you will find a googlemaps link. Follow the road which goes from Muro to Can picafort and count the stones. After milestone 7,5 turn right and after more or less 500 metres you will be there.

We are hoping to be able to present you the perfect summer exhibition. Interactive, in an incredible beautiful place with carved stone sculptures out of black stone and one chewbacca totem out of local sandstone.

Hope we will see you soon,